Total Addressable Market (Part 2)

Your annual planning is complete. The next move… You need to grow your external customers, obtain new clients to reach your goals.

The Key:

The key to doing this is a solid prospect list. Break down your list so you totally understand your Total Addressable Market. You need to create the list of prospects that closely match your ideal client.



Applications such as, Facebook, or LinkedIn Sales Navigator are excellent tools to use to assist you in fine tuning your prospect list. Once your list consists of 100 to 200 prospects, it will be extremely beneficial to really understand their size and the TAM if those prospects were landed. From there, start ranking them based on size, ease of work, inside contacts, etc. The key is finding prospects that are EASY to contact the correct person and PROFITABLE, when you land them.



Now that you have your target 100 to 200 prospects, we recommend our 321 Plan of Communication. We’re going to put together efficient voicemail/email campaign based on your MVP’s to maximize results. It’s an effective method for getting people to call you back.



The next step is to listen to Part 3 of my series to make sure that you understand what we need to do next. Once this is done, it is time to execute!


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