Total Addressable Market (Final Step)

Now that you have your internal TAM of testing customers and your external TAM for new client acquisition, it is time to execute a very detailed plan. Going after existing AND new clients offers an exciting and new energy to the process. 
By now, you have rated and prioritized your clients. How well do you truly understand them? Your top 50 clients typically make up 80% of your business. More than likely, however, you aren’t capitalizing on your top 50 TAM. As a result, are you only selling one or two of your services to them? Could you sell them a few more services? Could you offer them more solutions? Could you reach multiple locations within a company?

Natural Matchups:

You want to get with the internal and external and see if there’s any natural matchups. 
  • Are there any people that are in the same hometown that you could invite to a similar event? 
  • Are there trade shows events were both would be? 
  • Where are people going to meet together? 
  • Where are they hanging out together? 

Let them sell for YOU!

When you know how to connect your clients and prospects, it’s a great way to have them sell your business for you. Once this plan is in place, you need to make sure your salespeople are all very confident and comfortable in selling your MVP.


Work and adjust:

Work the plan and adjust as needed. But with both internal and external TAM, along with an ideal client profile, you’ll have great success.  


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