The Ask

How often is ‘asking’ simply the thing missing from your sales and post sales follow-up?

Let’s start with a simple story for an analogy 

I have a favorite restaurant that I go frequently, let’s call it ‘Lund’s Steakhouse’ for simplicity. I typically go with others in smaller groups of 4 or less. Recently, I decided to use them to cater in food for a larger group, a party of eight.  

Lund’s Steakhouse provided great service and treated us like regulars. When we had our meal, however, it was different. Something about a few of the dishes just weren’t our style and weren’t what we were used to eating at their restaurant 

The steakhouse called us three days later and asked:  

  • Ask: How was your meal?  
  • Ask: What did you like and what could we improve on?  
  • Ask: Are you planning on ordering larger meals from us again?  

My response, “You know, we really liked the meal but out of the eight different dishes, there were two that just weren’t our style and we didn’t like them.”  

Now, the food wasn’t extremely upsetting and they provided good service. Naturally, I would have never complained about this because they didn’t do anything wrong. Some of the dishes they served just weren’t ones that we liked. But, if they never asked, they would never have known this information. 

By asking and receiving this feedback, Lund’s Steakhouse can innovate and improve to better meet their customers’ likes and desires.


  • They can make adjustments to their meal prep.
  • They can make adjustments to their menu.
  • They can make adjustments to what’s available for dining vs carry-out.
Which brings me to the main point I want to make: How often are you making the ask to your customers for feedback?
Do you ask what things you should start doing or stop doing? Of your top current customers and prospects, what things matter most to them?  

If you ask your top 10 or 15 customers, “What should we start doing, stop doing, and continue doing. Not only will you improve your business for your best customers, but you will have a far better understanding of how to target your best prospects.  

Make sure you’re taking the time to ask your clients what’s important to them and how you can improve. Get authentic feedback owner to owner, VP to VP, and CFO to CFO 

Make the ask. It’ll make a difference

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