Is it possible to teach someone to sell?

The answer is, yes! Even though some people are naturally good at sales because they were born with traits that successful salespeople have, it’s still possible to teach someone the skills needed to be good at sales. Just like it’s possible to teach someone the skills to play a new sport even if they weren’t born a natural athlete.

Take it from our partners at Refract who published a short video titled, “Coaching a 10-year-old to Cold Call”. The video features Joe, the 10-year-old son of Refract’s CEO, who stops into the office to discover what cold calling is all about with Business Development Manager, Mark Ackers. With the help of Mark and the use of the A.I. sales coaching software, Joe learned how to speak at the right pace, speak with the appropriate amount of engagement, ask questions, and handle objections. Watch the full video to see how Joe improves with each phone call and successfully booked meeting after meeting.  


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