Has anyone ever told you to repeat yourself because you’re talking too fast?

Or, have you had someone tell you to slow down because they don’t understand what you’re saying?  Well, we worked with a salesperson who used to talk way too fast. When they first began their coaching services with MYB2BCOACH, the A.I. sales coaching software measured their speaking rate at 190 words per minute. Every time they left voicemails, the Textmail software couldn’t accurately interpret what they were saying. This resulted in many lost opportunities.

Through training and repeated practice with the A.I. sales coaching software, we helped the salesperson speak at a clear and steady pace. As a result, they learned to speak at the ideal speaking rate of 140 words per minute. Now, their voicemails transcribe correctly, and their prospects can understand exactly what they are saying.

Do you want to hear what it sounds like when someone speaks 190 words per minute? Click here to listen to examples spoken at different rates and learn about the ideal rate of speech from Lynda Stucky at Clearly Speaking, LLC.




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