When you plan accordingly, the impact of a tradeshow can have exponential returns.

It is one thing to build a booth, send out some marketing materials and hope to grab some good leads at the show, but that won’t give you the return you want. You’ll need to do more. Part of the marketing plan should go beyond the show floor. 

Here are 4 ways you can land sales beyond the booth:

Hit social media HARD.

Designate one person for social media and have them hit it hard. This will ensure consistent and clear messaging is communicated. This activity needs to start before the show, happen during the show and then continue post show. Use the same message across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Make sure that whomever is designated as your social media expert knows what they are doing! Have all messages approved by marketing or a sales manager before they go out. You don’t want the wrong message, a bad link, or typos going across the social media channels.

Push the PR (Public Relations).

Contact the show and find out who their media outlets are. From there, promote your new product or service to these groups with a well-written, professional press release. Media outlets need content, so give them something to write about and make it exciting. If you don’t have a new product or service, then talk about a problem you have been solving for years and how you can help those coming to the show.

When writing news releases, keep in mind: SO WHAT? Why is this important to the reader? How does it benefit them or make some sort of difference to the community?

Request an interview.

The show promoter will be doing a video to publicize how awesome the show was and how everyone should attend and exhibit next year. Give you and your company a free plug – offer to give an interview saying how amazing and valuable the show is. It’s another way to get your name in front of the masses. Once you’re part of the video, make sure to send the video link out to your contacts via email, put it on your website and send in your social media campaigns. You’ll look like a vital part of the show and in case they missed you, your prospects will get another look at your company.

Volunteer to speak as an industry expert.

Most shows have education tracks that attract attendees – be one of the speakers. The trick here is to genuinely fill a need for the industry rather than pushing out product. You will gain a solid reputation for solving needs versus promoting yourself. This again will show your prospects and current customers that you are indeed a leader in the industry and the right choice in a business partner.

It takes over 12 touch points to gain someone’s attention. Between the outlets above, your booth, the sales team, and marketing, you can get to those 12 touch points quite easily. People will start to connect the dots and remember you when they see your name in various places. These tactics after the tradeshow will most certainly impact the success of the show.


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