Reaching out

Remember when you would just “pop-in” to see one of your favorite vendors or schedule a lunch meeting with a client? Do you recall heading out to a tradeshow to launch a new product or service and you had appointments booked one after another? Those moments weren’t that long ago, yet they almost seem foreign to us now. This is a new way of life and it may not be temporary. Whether it’s in sales or any other aspect of life, it’s all about a new approach.

These days, instead of waking-in, it is time to reach out. Life has changed. Although change can be difficult, it is important to keep moving forward. The key right now is to be PROACTIVE! Don’t just sit around and wait for life to return to normal. What will normal even be again? We really don’t know… What can you do RIGHT NOW?

Right now, you can schedule all of your meetings or host a webinar on Zoom. You can even transition your tradeshow to a virtual tradeshow. However, there is a difference with in-person vs. online skills. MYB2BCOACH is leveraging a 45-day AI Practice Program to ramp your salespeople so they have the skills for reaching out, not just walking-in.

People typically have a certain persona or demeaner when they are face-to-face. When selling through a screen, the game changes. The person on the other end could put you on mute, turn the video off, walk away or even disconnect. Through our 45-day program, learn how to effectively and efficiently reach your potential customers. With this rapid training, knowledge, and skill development program, you will confidently walk away being able to REACH OUT!

Contact us! This is a program you will not regret. Times have changed and now the selling techniques need to change as well.


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