How successful is your prospecting strategy?

Recently, we had a salesperson who was having a hard time prospecting. They were discouraged. They didn’t understand why they weren’t receiving any call backs. After careful review, it was clear that our salesperson wasn’t following a prospecting strategy.

So, a plan was developed using the MYB2BCOACH 321 Strategy. First, we helped the salesperson identify who their ideal client was and why. Then a strategy was created to help them build their network. The strategy included many touch points such as calls, emails, LinkedIn connections, and referrals. After the strategy was established, the salesperson began searching for customers again. Right away they saw an increase in call backs and scheduled discovery meetings. They now have lots of success when prospecting!

Having a proven strategy is important if you want to have success when finding new customers. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out this article by Salespop for innovative strategies to prospect like a pro!


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