During the Show: Keeping Your Booth Busy and Organized

It’s showtime…make sure you’re buttoned up and ready for success!

Keeping Your Booth Busy & Organized During the Show


Executive Summary

Centurion Medical Products develop unique products and innovative services that respond to the changing requirements of the healthcare industry. From fluid collections to wound care, instruments to airway management, Centurion’s priority is the ease and comfort of the end user – the patient. Centurion attends a wide range of tradeshows across the US, focusing on many of its product lines and its clients – nurses, doctors, and hospital staff.


Centurion’s manufacturing is in the Midwest. Its sales team is spread across the US and so are the tradeshows. Each show had a different sales team working the booth. The challenge was how to make sure everyone was on the same page and familiar with the booth and processes when no one was in the same city. Sales reps from across the country would come in the night before the show, unfamiliar with the booth and flow of the show. However, the attendees (doctors and nurses) would expect to see a polished booth and a ready-to-go team.


Preparation was the key to a successful show. Prior to every show, a summary of the show, the booth, expectations, and goals were sent out to the team. This also included a tight agenda of what time to be at the booth and what shifts people would be working. Rules and dress codes were established prior to the show. Every day, at least 30 minutes prior to the show opening, it was required for the entire staff to meet at the booth and review this summary.

The booth had been strategically designed to anticipate traffic flow and the line of questioning. Counters were specifically designed to house important samples that would be quick and easy to get to. Product placement was labeled and the team was taught where all materials belonged. Scripts and questioning were prepared and practiced. Lead retrieval was systematized for quick input and attention on the prospect.


Sales members became familiar, comfortable and confident with the booth they had never seen. The average attendee “stay” time increased to 10 minutes per visitor, allowing for deeper conversations and interactions.

We are in the medical field. We have to look pristine and present ourselves cleanly. With Deb’s [Venable, MYB2BCOACH] guidance, both the booth design and our sales team looked sharp and ready for action.”

Sara Snyder

Senior Tradeshow Manager, Centurion Medical Products

By having the booth so organized and scripted, any of our sales team could just walk in and get to work.”

Sara Snyder

Senior Tradeshow Manager, Centurion Medical Products


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