After the Tradeshow: Continuing the Sales Cycle


How to keep hot leads from going cold

Continuing the Sales Cycle AFTER the Tradeshow


Executive Summary

Atrend, an international manufacturer and designer of high-end audio accessories and sub-woofers, attends multiple tradeshows per year. With a wide range of brands, product lines, and technology, Atrend’s staff must be prepared and organized for its audience. The show goal is to educate end-users as well as expand the dealer network. These are two different sales approaches and lead captures. Historically, Atrend’s booth was well attended and they were successful in capturing qualified leads for both market sectors.


Although lead capture was a success at the shows, the follow up after the show lacked follow through. As often happens upon returning from the show, sales staff, dealers and attendees all fell back into the “work as usual” routine. Atrend sales managers noticed that while they had great attendance at the show, they didn’t see corresponding sales results or dealer expansion after the show. This was a problem and certainly not the return on investment they wanted.


Atrend realized it needed a robust, organized post-show plan. First, they examined past leads to create an expected baseline for the next show. They set goals for the following show with more focus on qualification and ranking. They also prepared marketing plans prior to leaving for the show that would be ready to implement when the show ended. One of these marketing plans focused on end users and one focused on dealers – both segments critical to its future success.

This plan included a simple “thank you” email sent the day after an end-user or dealer stopped by the booth. While the emails were prepared in advance, the marketing team back at the office did customize them to refer to the product lines they were interested in and, if they were a dealer, sent them to a video regarding the benefits of being a dealer. The plan was mapped out with a balance of emails, marketing content, handwritten notes and most of all, phone calls. The program spread out over nine months and was treated like a separate marketing campaign with all activities and responses logged and tracked.


The results were impactful. There was a 34% increase in the number of dealers signed up after the show and also the time to sign them up decreased from 12 months to 6 months. End user sales increased by 23%.

“Deb [Venable, MYB2BCOACH] helped us continue the momentum from the show by focusing on a strategic and thoughtful plan after the show. We now follow every lead – dealer or end user – and they do not get lost down the post-show drain.”

Kevin Hundal

CEO, Atrend


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