If a prospect asks you about price, are you prepared to answer?

HubSpot Research conducted a survey of what buyers want to talk about versus what sales reps want to talk about during the first sales call. The results were shocking. According to the survey, 58% of prospects want to talk about price on the first call. Here’s the shocking part – only 23% of salespeople are prepared to do so!

This is why you should be ready to talk about anything during the first call – even price. It’s important to prepare for the conversation by educating yourself on what your costs are, what drives your costs and the expected profit margins. You’ll then be able to confidently talk to your prospect about price, answer any questions they might have and direct the conversation towards value.

If you prepare for the hard questions, you won’t feel as nervous and hesitant to answer them when they are asked. Tell us below – what do you say when a prospect asks about price during the first call?


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