Tired of cold calling? Then try this new prospecting approach. 

We just learned about a new prospecting strategy from yorCMO. yorCMO is a fractional marketing company whose proven process helps businesses build their marketing system and drives sales. They developed a different spin on the traditional prospecting method.

Instead of making 100 calls a week in hopes of setting up 5 meetings and landing just one client, their approach begins with sending out 25 handwritten notes. After one week, they suggest emailing the same 25 prospects. Finally, after another week has gone by, you should call and follow-up with anyone who hasn’t reached back out to you. For anyone you didn’t get ahold of, add them to your drip marketing and repeat this approach again in 6 months.

yorCMO has had great success with this innovative approach. They’ve landed more meetings and clients that with traditional cold calling. Give the yorCMO prospecting pre-note strategy a try and let us know what type of success you’ve had!

Want to know more about yorCMO? Click here to visit their website and learn about their proven process. 



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