Setting expectations with your sales team regarding travel is an effective way to manage costs for those who are hitting the road in search of new clients. 

Check out these 4 travel tips from MYB2BCOACH to help manage costs while achieving your sales goals:

1. Request a calendar for planned trips six weeks in advance.

This requires strategic thinking by your staff while allowing the appropriate amount of time to get the schedule of key decision makers. We suggest that meetings be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance. If your team travels by air, this will typically provide for lower airfare, as well.

2. Require a minimum number of scheduled meetings before approving travel.

We suggest a minimum of two high prospects per day with additional time for lower-priority prospects.

3. Outline when entertainment is acceptable and what type is acceptable.

A salesperson should know when it is encouraged to take a client to dinner and the cost guidelines. It’s also important to outline what type of entertainment is allowed such as sporting events, dinner, concerts, etc.

4. Set expectations for lodging.

Depending on their previous work experience, this can be a large variable and should be addressed.

Follow these simple tips the next time your employees are traveling to maximize sales and manage costs. What guidelines do you have established when it comes to employees traveling? Let us know below in the comments!


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