Is Your Sales Team Engaged?

Because most of us have been forced to #stayhome: your clients have closed their offices and your sales team remotely works for home. Under normal circumstances, your sales team would be in the office, competitions would be brewing, wins and losses would be shared, and team members would be there to console, inspire and challenge each other.

Currently, the ability to have these meaningful interactions on a daily basis is difficult, if not impossible. The novelty of the “Zoom Happy Hour” has already faded. By nature, salespeople are extroverted and extremely social beings. Sales people NEED people. People in sales like being around others, communicating, helping solve problems and come up with solutions.  They like to compete… on everything!

What Are You Doing?

Now that everyone is working remote, how are you, ensuring that your team is engaged? Have you considered how the lack of competition can affect productivity?  Has isolation impacted their drive? How is their spirit holding up? How about the team dynamic?

Some Ideas:

The new way of life certainly has had a ripple effect. You still need to challenge your team, but now you have to to modify and adjust. As a leader, you need to find solutions to keep the fire within the team. You need to keep them inspired and challenged.  And somehow, you need to maintain the camaraderie.

A few ideas: a short game, funny story sharing through a chat, a message board for bragging about wins, team lunches where you focus on something away from work, or handwritten notes to your team. 

You should also engage them with opportunities to learn.  Now is a great time to conduct internal training, take an online class, learn new software features and present it to the team. 

These are obviously just a few ideas. In this environment, what are you doing to keep your team engaged?  Respond in the comments!



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