During trying times

Wouldn’t we all just love to get our hands on the Magic 8-Ball and know when this craziness will come to an end. Just 4-6 weeks ago, it was a whole different world. Now, we are living in quarantine, stock-piling necessities, home-schooling and trying to work from home. Did you ever imagine? None of this has been easy, but it is in fact our new way of life for a while. So, let’s get back to business… 
For many, sales have come to a grinding halt. The state of the economy, the unknown and the lack of certainty has put most companies on hold. So, is now a time to give up? Absolutely not! You never stop selling. Now is the time to focus. Now is the time to dive into retaining your key and most valuable clients. They have been with you for a reason up until now. Make sure you give them a reason to be with you later. Now is the time! 
This recent article on MDM.com suggests deepening relationships, building a sales promotion to deliver, and finding alternatives to in-person events. It is time to get creative and use your skills to think outside the box and keep those customers.  

How to do this:

  1. Focus on maintaining relationships: Check in with your clients. What can you do to help them out? Do you have resources that you can provide to them? What “deposit” can you make to them? 
  2. Offer connections: What other businesses do you know that could help them out?  Do you have useful “workathome resources? Can you offer executive expertise? 
  3. Think long-term: When the economy is rolling again, you want to make sure they are with you. 

    Everyone will be hungry:

    Pretty soon, everyone will be hungry for revenue and that means trying harder than ever to steal your clients. So, what do you do? Build a moat around your key clients. Protect them. Show them your value and dedication. Give them every reason to value your relationship. If nothing else, send them a 6 pack of their beverage and schedule an afternoon meeting (on Zoom of course)!  


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