Prospecting and following-up can be hard. It’s discouraging to make call after call only to reach someone’s voice messaging system. But, did you know that the probability of talking to someone the first, second or even the third time you call is very low?

We have 3 statistics you need to remember when you’re prospecting and feel like you want to give up!

1. It takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect.

Sales Coach insight: You need to follow a process to reach your prospect. At MYB2BCOACH, we follow our 321Close Process that includes multiple different touchpoints including phone calls, emails, website and social media (including LinkedIn). If you give up on a prospect after too few attempts, you are passing up a potential sale.

2. 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting. 44% of sales reps give up after 1 follow-up.

Sales Coach Insight: Lazy salespeople don’t have the initiative to keep following up, and unorganized reps will lose track of their progress and eventually give up. Don’t be these types of salespeople! Follow a process and keep track of it. It takes several follow-up calls to get your message across and explain the benefits, so make sure you’re organized and document your progress. Remember, you can’t help solve their problems all in one phone call. 

3. 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone.

Sales Coach Insight: The most successful way to get in front of customers and conduct business is over the phone. This is important to remember during your prospecting attempts and follow-up process. Sending someone an email is easy but it’s more likely to get lost in their inbox and being left unread. It’s better to make the calls and then send a follow-up email to recap what was discussed.

Just remember to be persistent, stay determined and never give up!


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