Time for a check-up? 

It is recommended to see your dentist twice a year for regular check-ups. An oil change is suggested every 3,000-5,000 miles on your vehicle. A/C units should be serviced and charged before the summer months.
Obviously, none of these things HAVE to happen, but they are recommended to keep the body, car or A/C units running effectively and efficiently. The same goes for your sales team.  


A regular “check-up” for your sales team is a good practice to keep the team healthy. Click HERE for a FREE Sales Organization Check list – divided into four sections: Process, System, Client & People.  


Creating a Unit:

Each section can be independent from each other, but together they create a unit. Keep the unit healthy with regular check-up and maintenance and you will have high performance, longevity and satisfaction. Not only will your team be running smoothly, but your sales goals will be met and your clients will be extremely happy. 



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