Deliberate Practice…

Do you do it?

What is deliberate practice?  Deliberate practice is the conscious act of doing something on purpose and making sure you have a detailed plan for that action or practice. For instance, you can’t just pick up a guitar and start playing the “Star Spangled Banner” like Jimi Hendrix. You need to deliberately work with a teacher, sturdy and practice. When it comes to sales, consider MyB2BCoach the Jimi Hendrix of sales coaching.

That may be a stretch, but we are good at what we do, and we have developed a program to make you good at what you do – the Accelerated Sales Action Plan. MYB2BCoach’s Accelerated Sales Action Plan or ASAP is designed to practice your sales techniques deliberately, and with purpose. 

Many of you may not realize, but there are 24 to 30 common sales techniques you need to know as a salesperson. First, if you want to be successful, these are not optional. Second, you need to practice these techniques ahead of time; these are not to be practiced on customers. These techniques are to be perfected BEFORE you meet with your customers. 

The ASAP program is a 12-week program designed not only to make sure you are confident, but comfortable and competent as well. We achieve our goals, through deliberate practice, from simple 30-second commercials. We ask and you answer: 

  1. What do you do?
  2. How much do you cost?
  3. Why you over a competitor? 

The program is designed to equip you to handle the questions, objections and the basics of “delay tactics” by a potential prospect. The ASAP program will enable you to achieve better results, creating confidence and comfort. Through deliberate practice, you will walk away with a comfortable, conversation style that will make you more successful! 

Contact us TODAY to learn more about the ASAP program. 

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