We recently had a salesperson who was only selling at a single level in the company which was preventing them from being top of mind at the executive level.

MYB2BCOACH’s sales coach worked with a client on the importance of selling up. The salesperson had recently made contact within a prospect at the operation level. Our sales coach then advised them to get in contact with someone higher than their contact at the operation level – specifically someone in the executive level. Once the salesperson made contact with the higher-level touchpoint, they were coached on MYB2BCOACH’s 321CLOSE process.

Once a month the salesperson began sending the executive level prospect valuable information to them such as project updates and industry news to maintain a relationship with them. After 2 months, the executive responded to them and they began to build a stronger relationship. The executive began connecting our client to executives at plants they have never worked at before and introduced her for new projects they were working on.

Selling up within a prospect will not only open up new doors and opportunities for you, but it will also protect you if the only contact you have within the company leaves.


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