5 Tips on Webinars

5 Tips on Webinars

Serial entrepreneur and Executive Sales Coach, Jay Fairbrother with MYB2BCOACH, shares 5 expert tips on giving webinars. 

Through years of experience, Jay Fairbrother has become an expert on delivering engaging and effective webinars. Listen in to his expert tips to sharpen your public speaking and presentation skills when it comes to webinars! 

Jay’s 5 Tips on Webinars

  1. Keep it interactive. Ask questions and conduct a poll. 
  2. Never read from the slides, and don’t have complete sentences in your slides. 
  3. Slow down, it helps poeple better process the information you are sharing. 
  4. Personalize it! People relate to stories more than facts. 
  5. Be careful with live Q&A. A lot of times, presenters will do “moderated Q&A” or have prepared questions. 

About Jay Fairbrother

A serial entrepreneur, Jay has founded, purchased and/or sold seven business across several industries. Jay has built many sales teams from the ground up and trained hundreds of salespeople. As a consultant, Jay has been involved in many startups and is highly skilled in recruiting, operations, and marketing. He knows firsthand how to implement processes and successfully scale a business. Once awarded the #2 Best Place to Work in Pennsylvania, Jay is also adept at building culture. Jay is a former President and Board Member of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization and has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year. Of all his experience, he is most passionate about consulting, coaching, and training sales teams. 


MYB2BCOACH is the sales coaching company for small to medium sized businesses. Designed to leverage the combined knowledge of business’s leadership, MYB2BCOACH uses training to instill practical skills that become second nature to sales team. With a proven process build on strategy, training, accountability, and A.I. sales coaching software, sales teams become more confident, comfortable, and conversational in every aspect of sales. The outcome of this is new clients, improved profits, increased commissions, and an increase in overall job satisfaction for sales organizations.