Are You Missing the Signs?

Are You Missing the Signs?

Are you missing the signs?

What is the hardest part of a sale: Is it getting the initial meeting or closing the deal? This is a running debate in our office. Some days we say one and some days we say the other. Sometimes it depends on the person and sometimes it’s all situational. More often than not, in actuality, there are usually missed signs that lose a sale.

The sales people that are truly good in sales, natural born, the most challenging part is getting the initial meeting. If someone is skilled, informed and understands the buyer, they will close more deals than they lose. Cold calls, emails, text messages, dinners (not so much right now) are excellent ways to get a foot in the door. Sometimes those techniques just don’t work. Then what?

On the other hand, once the door is open, is the opportunity to close the deal truly there? Or, did the sales rep completely miss the buying sign from the potential client and walk out empty handed?

Tricks of the trade:

Do not be so focused on telling the prospect every detail about your product or service. 

  • Ask good questions that highlight the value of your product.
  • Allow the prospect to speak to you.
  • Take time to listen.
  • And if there is silence, embrace the moment. There is a chance they’ve heard all they need to make the decision.

The Buying Signs:

Be on the lookout for these buying signs:  if the prospect asks for open dates on your calendar or timelines for implementation, inquires about pricing or payment options/terms, if they want to know about post sale account management, asking for references, looking for next steps, or asking for the product details on multiple occasions. These are all GOOD signs!

Many times, customers are waiting to be closed.  Don’t miss an opportunity to close the sale and provide help to a potential customer.

Keeping the Team Chemistry

Keeping the Team Chemistry

Keeping the Team Chemistry

Do you remember your first day of work? You walked into the office, palms a little sweaty, butterflies in the stomach and you looked like the new kid in town. You worked in sales before, but you felt like a total newbie.

After a few weeks, you started feeling the rhythm and got into a groove. Not only did you figure out your selling approach and techniques, but you found your place in the office. You discovered the people you wanted to emulate, your mentors and your friends.  

Obviously, each office and team member is different. And, these differences are the reasons we enjoy going to work so much. Typically, we thrive on the rhythm, pace, and camaraderie of an office environment. We push each other to do better. We strive to hit goals and feed off of each other’s energy.

Zoom Life:

 With the new way of life, the “team” dynamic has changed quite a bit. The camaraderie on a Zoom call is a little different than the face-to-face interactions we are accustomed to. Ideally, we eventually find our way back to our offices, but that may not happen for a while. Realistically, it may never go back to what we are used to. Regardless, you want to keep your team dynamic. You need to.

Embracing the times:

Embracing the current situation, with our simple APQ assessment tool, MYB2BCOACH can help bring insights into each team member and recommendations based on those insights to get the camaraderie, the rhythm and the pace back on track in the virtual environment. Your team is still your team and you want to keep it that way. Whether it is virtual or in-person, the encouragement, drive, ambition and cohesiveness needs to be there. The goal is still the same.

Reach out for a quick conversation to see our APQ assessment is a fit for your team. We are here to help.

Reaching Out

Reaching Out

Reaching out

Remember when you would just “pop-in” to see one of your favorite vendors or schedule a lunch meeting with a client? Do you recall heading out to a tradeshow to launch a new product or service and you had appointments booked one after another? Those moments weren’t that long ago, yet they almost seem foreign to us now. This is a new way of life and it may not be temporary. Whether it’s in sales or any other aspect of life, it’s all about a new approach.

These days, instead of waking-in, it is time to reach out. Life has changed. Although change can be difficult, it is important to keep moving forward. The key right now is to be PROACTIVE! Don’t just sit around and wait for life to return to normal. What will normal even be again? We really don’t know… What can you do RIGHT NOW?

Right now, you can schedule all of your meetings or host a webinar on Zoom. You can even transition your tradeshow to a virtual tradeshow. However, there is a difference with in-person vs. online skills. MYB2BCOACH is leveraging a 45-day AI Practice Program to ramp your salespeople so they have the skills for reaching out, not just walking-in.

People typically have a certain persona or demeaner when they are face-to-face. When selling through a screen, the game changes. The person on the other end could put you on mute, turn the video off, walk away or even disconnect. Through our 45-day program, learn how to effectively and efficiently reach your potential customers. With this rapid training, knowledge, and skill development program, you will confidently walk away being able to REACH OUT!

Contact us! This is a program you will not regret. Times have changed and now the selling techniques need to change as well.

The Time is NOW

The Time is NOW

The Time Is NOW

As we all know, life seemingly changed overnight. From school and sports to shopping and social interaction, everything is different. Everything is different including the world of sales. However, change is not a new concept in sales. Those of us in the field quickly learn to adjust and adapt to any change that comes our way.

Over time, whether it’s businesses and clients that come and go, a new industry, a change-up in the product or a new offering in technology that affects the way we interact with our clients, people in sales figure it out.

Making Modifications:

And now, we need to adapt and make some modifications again. Most people in sales are used to and prefer face-to-face meetings. Nine holes on the golf course, dinner and drinks or a quick lunch are easy ways to chat and lead to more formal meetings in the office. Unfortunately, for now, that is no longer possible.

Just Do It!

Besides adjusting to the new way of life, we need to learn how to have effective and productive meetings through Zoom, Loom, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime or whatever preferred platform. Can you still sell over video? The simple answer is… Yes you can! You are in sales. You can do it. Video sales may not be ideal, but it’s time to figure it out and just do it.

Beyond that adjustment, when this is all said and done, the sales world will be more competitive than ever. What are you doing now to ensure that when the economy gets back on track, you are better than when this started? MyB2BCoach can help you ramp up and improve your skills NOW so that you are at the TOP later. Not only will we help you compete with the best, we will help you BE the best.

Life changes. Things happen that are out of our control. The economy will come back after all of this. We don’t know when it will happen, but it will happen. Be ready for it!





Power in Silence

Power in Silence

Power in silence

There is more power in silence than you may realize. According to the Dalai Lama,
“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”

Our goal at MYB2BCOACH, through our AI practice, is not only to make people confident, but comfortable in their conversations with prospects and customers. Ultimately, this allows them the privilege of silence. This prevents the mind from spinning and thinking, “what am I going to say next?’ This prevents going through the automation of Step 1, then Step 2 and Step 3… This allows for silence. They can listen from nothing.

Listen From Nothing:

Listen from nothing is the term. Dr. Bell from the Bell Leadership Academy, always said that when you can listen from nothing and be totally engaged, you actually hear everything. Once your salespeople are confident with their products, services and how they are going to sell, they are actually comfortable selling it. Because they are comfortable and confident, they become natural in their conversation. They allow silence and are able to truly listen.


We have had several examples where there are obvious buying signals from the prospect on the other end of the phone line. They want their sales rep to come out and visit. Or they want them to send over a contract or get another person on the call to make a final decision. At the early stages of training, the sales rep wasn’t comfortable or confident. Because they didn’t allow the silence, they didn’t listen. As you can imagine, they missed the sale. However, after completing our A1 training and going back to listen, the sales rep gets the sale on the second try.

Make sure your people are getting all the time to learn how to be comfortable, confident, and conversational. They will reach the silence and get the sale.


During Trying Times

During Trying Times

During trying times

Wouldn’t we all just love to get our hands on the Magic 8-Ball and know when this craziness will come to an end. Just 4-6 weeks ago, it was a whole different world. Now, we are living in quarantine, stock-piling necessities, home-schooling and trying to work from home. Did you ever imagine? None of this has been easy, but it is in fact our new way of life for a while. So, let’s get back to business… 
For many, sales have come to a grinding halt. The state of the economy, the unknown and the lack of certainty has put most companies on hold. So, is now a time to give up? Absolutely not! You never stop selling. Now is the time to focus. Now is the time to dive into retaining your key and most valuable clients. They have been with you for a reason up until now. Make sure you give them a reason to be with you later. Now is the time! 
This recent article on suggests deepening relationships, building a sales promotion to deliver, and finding alternatives to in-person events. It is time to get creative and use your skills to think outside the box and keep those customers.  

How to do this:

  1. Focus on maintaining relationships: Check in with your clients. What can you do to help them out? Do you have resources that you can provide to them? What “deposit” can you make to them? 
  2. Offer connections: What other businesses do you know that could help them out?  Do you have useful “workathome resources? Can you offer executive expertise? 
  3. Think long-term: When the economy is rolling again, you want to make sure they are with you. 

    Everyone will be hungry:

    Pretty soon, everyone will be hungry for revenue and that means trying harder than ever to steal your clients. So, what do you do? Build a moat around your key clients. Protect them. Show them your value and dedication. Give them every reason to value your relationship. If nothing else, send them a 6 pack of their beverage and schedule an afternoon meeting (on Zoom of course)!