During Trying Times

During Trying Times

During trying times

Wouldn’t we all just love to get our hands on the Magic 8-Ball and know when this craziness will come to an end. Just 4-6 weeks ago, it was a whole different world. Now, we are living in quarantine, stock-piling necessities, home-schooling and trying to work from home. Did you ever imagine? None of this has been easy, but it is in fact our new way of life for a while. So, let’s get back to business… 
For many, sales have come to a grinding halt. The state of the economy, the unknown and the lack of certainty has put most companies on hold. So, is now a time to give up? Absolutely not! You never stop selling. Now is the time to focus. Now is the time to dive into retaining your key and most valuable clients. They have been with you for a reason up until now. Make sure you give them a reason to be with you later. Now is the time! 
This recent article on MDM.com suggests deepening relationships, building a sales promotion to deliver, and finding alternatives to in-person events. It is time to get creative and use your skills to think outside the box and keep those customers.  

How to do this:

  1. Focus on maintaining relationships: Check in with your clients. What can you do to help them out? Do you have resources that you can provide to them? What “deposit” can you make to them? 
  2. Offer connections: What other businesses do you know that could help them out?  Do you have useful “workathome resources? Can you offer executive expertise? 
  3. Think long-term: When the economy is rolling again, you want to make sure they are with you. 

    Everyone will be hungry:

    Pretty soon, everyone will be hungry for revenue and that means trying harder than ever to steal your clients. So, what do you do? Build a moat around your key clients. Protect them. Show them your value and dedication. Give them every reason to value your relationship. If nothing else, send them a 6 pack of their beverage and schedule an afternoon meeting (on Zoom of course)!  

    Knowledge vs. Skill

    Knowledge vs. Skill

    Knowledge vs. Skill

    Traditional training is very much based on the transfer of knowledge. A golf coach relays his knowledge on grip, swing, pace, technique, and consistency to all his players. A medical professor shares her knowledge with students during lectures and labs. The same goes for sales coaching. It is important to do a proper information download to educate, inform and train.
    The key, however, is not just transferring the knowledge. The key is being able to transfer knowledge into skill. Information and facts are pertinent in many facets of life, but what do you do with that information? This is where the MyB2BCoach Accelerated Sales Action Plan comes into play. 


    In our ASAP program, we make sure that we transfer knowledge from weekly coaching sessions into skills. And… skills don’t just happen. Skills are perfected with deliberate and purposeful practice. Let’s take a golfer as an example. An average golfer plays a couple rounds of golf here and there. To no surprise, this golfer has a 15 handicap. An exceptional golfer studies, goes to the driving range, and truly practices with purpose and deliberation. This golfer has a one handicap. Which type of golfer do you want to be? This may be a trick question because you may not even like golf. However, if you are in sales and your salary and commission are riding on the line instead of your handicap, what type of salesperson do you want to be? Do you want to be average or exceptional? I think we all know the answer… 

    It’s Time for Change:

    This is where the MyB2BCoach Accelerated Sales Action Plan comes into play. In a 12-week time frame, this plan is designed to help you practice purposefully and dramatically enhance your skills. This plan will take you from a 15 handicap to a scratch golfer.  

    Contact us TODAY to register for the MyB2BCoach ASAP program.  

    Are Referrals Optional?

    Are Referrals Optional?

    Are referrals optional?

    When it comes to business and sales, referrals are NEVER optional. Referrals are in fact, a necessity. You need a network, and in order to grow your network, you need referrals.  


    Now comes prospecting… Prospecting is often the most dreaded part of a sales career.  However, it is also the part that can separate a great representative from an average or underperforming representative.  In most industries, cold calling is not a productive way to engage potential clients.  It occupies too much time with very little return.  Not to mention, who really wants to sit around all day and cold call? 

    So the question arises, how can you “warm” up a potential lead?

    MyB2BCoach suggests finding two possible connections or discussion points; one professional and one personal.  This increases your chances of having a meaningful conversation.  The most successful way of reaching to a potential client is through a referral.  Moving a referral into a prospect removes some potential roadblocks that a salesperson must navigate, such as unfamiliarity, trust, respect, and prior experience.  


    Have you ever heard “they’re so well networked, it’s easy for them” or “she has so many contacts she can call”?   The obvious question is, how do you build your own network?  There are several resources out there to help you network. Check out this list of The Best Networking Books in 2020. However, it is probably easier than you realize to identify connections you may already have available to you.  Start with relatives and their job or former jobs, your past co-workers, friends, parents of your children’s friends and neighbors.  You should also be involved with various groups that will help you, such as professional networking groups, alumni and local chamber organizations, volunteer clubs, your local high school or a political committee.  

    MB2BCOACH can guide you with your networking goals. Download our FREE Networking Worksheet to help identify the contacts available to grow your network. Contact us today for more information on how MyB2BCoach can help you out.  


    Deliberate Practice… Do you do it?

    Deliberate Practice… Do you do it?

    Deliberate Practice…

    Do you do it?

    What is deliberate practice?  Deliberate practice is the conscious act of doing something on purpose and making sure you have a detailed plan for that action or practice. For instance, you can’t just pick up a guitar and start playing the “Star Spangled Banner” like Jimi Hendrix. You need to deliberately work with a teacher, sturdy and practice. When it comes to sales, consider MyB2BCoach the Jimi Hendrix of sales coaching.

    That may be a stretch, but we are good at what we do, and we have developed a program to make you good at what you do – the Accelerated Sales Action Plan. MYB2BCoach’s Accelerated Sales Action Plan or ASAP is designed to practice your sales techniques deliberately, and with purpose. 

    Many of you may not realize, but there are 24 to 30 common sales techniques you need to know as a salesperson. First, if you want to be successful, these are not optional. Second, you need to practice these techniques ahead of time; these are not to be practiced on customers. These techniques are to be perfected BEFORE you meet with your customers. 

    The ASAP program is a 12-week program designed not only to make sure you are confident, but comfortable and competent as well. We achieve our goals, through deliberate practice, from simple 30-second commercials. We ask and you answer: 

    1. What do you do?
    2. How much do you cost?
    3. Why you over a competitor? 

    The program is designed to equip you to handle the questions, objections and the basics of “delay tactics” by a potential prospect. The ASAP program will enable you to achieve better results, creating confidence and comfort. Through deliberate practice, you will walk away with a comfortable, conversation style that will make you more successful! 

    Contact us TODAY to learn more about the ASAP program. 

    Are you asking the right questions?

    Are you asking the right questions?

    Are you asking the right questions?

    When hiring your sales team, you are looking for individuals that think outside of the box, have drive, confidence, and determination. If you want quality individuals, you need to ask interview questions that will get to the meat of who the person really is, how they will react in situations, and what motivates them. 

    MyB2bCoach has developed a three-part series of questions, that we believe, determine the caliber of person you are looking for to make part of your sales force. These questions not only dive into their background, but they highlight their future. 

    There are always the obvious questions about work history, where you see yourself in five years, what are your strengths, and weaknesses. However, one part of our series of questions is geared towards money. 

    People often tip-toe around the subject of money, but in reality, we all want money, we need money and, often times, are highly motivated by money. So… when you are creating the ideal sales team, you should not leave the topic of money out of your interview process.


    Part Three – Organization and Salary Cap  

    1. Explain your sales process from Suspect to Client. 
    2. What tools do you use to help find prospects?  
    3. How did you organize your day/week/month to make sure you reached your commission goals? 
    4. Explain your last three commission plans and what you liked about each?
    5. What would you consider to be a lot of money? If you received a W2 with $XXX, you would think to yourself, “Wow I made it.” 

    The right interview questions may be more valuable than you think. You want to ask the best questions, to obtain the best answers, to create the BEST sales team. Contact us to learn more about our three-part series of interview questions or how we can help your sales team in other ways.

    Choose Your Words Wisely

    Choose Your Words Wisely

    Choose your words wisely

    Think back to when you were growing up and your mother told you to choose your words wisely.

    It would be assumed that sentiment went in one ear and out the other. As you got older, however, more than likely you paid attention and heeded the advice in certain aspects of your life; with your friends, teachers, boyfriends/girlfriends, family members, etc.

    Packing a punch

    Words, do in fact, have a powerful punch. Take a moment to think back and remember an incident when someone used certain words that had, good or bad, an impact. Now, think how that scenario could have turned out if they chose different words. How would you have responded? Would the outcome change? If so, would it change for better or worse?

    Moving into your professional world, think how words impact your day to day, your transactions, your sales, your goals and your future. Particularly in the world of sales, one wrong word can stop your deal dead in its tracks. In a recent article, Forbes rates the following as the WORST words to use in sales:

    1. We – Who is “we”?

    2. Think – Your clients pay you to KNOW, not to think

    3. If – It’s not if, it is when…

    4. Um – it is just filler

    5. Probably – translates to you do not know

    6. Small – size doesn’t matter as long as you can do the work

    7. Only – can devalue…

    Words matter

    Clearly words play a role in every area of your life. While choosing the correct words to land your next deal, you don’t want to overthink and second guess yourself. Speak with confidence. Speak with authority. You and your words WILL land that deal.