Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of research and prep you’re doing before calling a prospect?

We recently had a client who was struggling because they were conducting too much research. They were spending hours looking up a prospect and their company and collecting a lot of unnecessary information. Because of the large amount of time they spent researching, the salesperson was not making enough prospecting calls during the week. This caused them a lot of stress and frustration.

MYB2BCOACH stepped in and helped the salesperson by bringing them back to the 321Close process. First, our sales coach advised them to find the prospect on LinkedIn and take note of any commonalities and mutual connections. Then they recommended the sales rep to look up the company on LinkedIn and browse their website to better understand their products or services. This also allow them to learn about any recent company news including projects they are currently working on or ones that were just completed. Once this information is collected, our sales coach advised our client to begin the sales call to determine whether the prospect is a good fit. By conducting fewer research and spending more time talking to the prospect, you can disqualify them faster which in turn will save you time, money and frustration!

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