Are you missing the signs?

What is the hardest part of a sale: Is it getting the initial meeting or closing the deal? This is a running debate in our office. Some days we say one and some days we say the other. Sometimes it depends on the person and sometimes it’s all situational. More often than not, in actuality, there are usually missed signs that lose a sale.

The sales people that are truly good in sales, natural born, the most challenging part is getting the initial meeting. If someone is skilled, informed and understands the buyer, they will close more deals than they lose. Cold calls, emails, text messages, dinners (not so much right now) are excellent ways to get a foot in the door. Sometimes those techniques just don’t work. Then what?

On the other hand, once the door is open, is the opportunity to close the deal truly there? Or, did the sales rep completely miss the buying sign from the potential client and walk out empty handed?

Tricks of the trade:

Do not be so focused on telling the prospect every detail about your product or service. 

  • Ask good questions that highlight the value of your product.
  • Allow the prospect to speak to you.
  • Take time to listen.
  • And if there is silence, embrace the moment. There is a chance they’ve heard all they need to make the decision.

The Buying Signs:

Be on the lookout for these buying signs:  if the prospect asks for open dates on your calendar or timelines for implementation, inquires about pricing or payment options/terms, if they want to know about post sale account management, asking for references, looking for next steps, or asking for the product details on multiple occasions. These are all GOOD signs!

Many times, customers are waiting to be closed.  Don’t miss an opportunity to close the sale and provide help to a potential customer.


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