Are you asking the right questions?

When hiring your sales team, you are looking for individuals that think outside of the box, have drive, confidence, and determination. If you want quality individuals, you need to ask interview questions that will get to the meat of who the person really is, how they will react in situations, and what motivates them. 

MyB2bCoach has developed a three-part series of questions, that we believe, determine the caliber of person you are looking for to make part of your sales force. These questions not only dive into their background, but they highlight their future. 

There are always the obvious questions about work history, where you see yourself in five years, what are your strengths, and weaknesses. However, one part of our series of questions is geared towards money. 

People often tip-toe around the subject of money, but in reality, we all want money, we need money and, often times, are highly motivated by money. So… when you are creating the ideal sales team, you should not leave the topic of money out of your interview process.


Part Three – Organization and Salary Cap  

  1. Explain your sales process from Suspect to Client. 
  2. What tools do you use to help find prospects?  
  3. How did you organize your day/week/month to make sure you reached your commission goals? 
  4. Explain your last three commission plans and what you liked about each?
  5. What would you consider to be a lot of money? If you received a W2 with $XXX, you would think to yourself, “Wow I made it.” 

The right interview questions may be more valuable than you think. You want to ask the best questions, to obtain the best answers, to create the BEST sales team. Contact us to learn more about our three-part series of interview questions or how we can help your sales team in other ways.


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