Are referrals optional?

When it comes to business and sales, referrals are NEVER optional. Referrals are in fact, a necessity. You need a network, and in order to grow your network, you need referrals.  


Now comes prospecting… Prospecting is often the most dreaded part of a sales career.  However, it is also the part that can separate a great representative from an average or underperforming representative.  In most industries, cold calling is not a productive way to engage potential clients.  It occupies too much time with very little return.  Not to mention, who really wants to sit around all day and cold call? 

So the question arises, how can you “warm” up a potential lead?

MyB2BCoach suggests finding two possible connections or discussion points; one professional and one personal.  This increases your chances of having a meaningful conversation.  The most successful way of reaching to a potential client is through a referral.  Moving a referral into a prospect removes some potential roadblocks that a salesperson must navigate, such as unfamiliarity, trust, respect, and prior experience.  


Have you ever heard “they’re so well networked, it’s easy for them” or “she has so many contacts she can call”?   The obvious question is, how do you build your own network?  There are several resources out there to help you network. Check out this list of The Best Networking Books in 2020. However, it is probably easier than you realize to identify connections you may already have available to you.  Start with relatives and their job or former jobs, your past co-workers, friends, parents of your children’s friends and neighbors.  You should also be involved with various groups that will help you, such as professional networking groups, alumni and local chamber organizations, volunteer clubs, your local high school or a political committee.  

MB2BCOACH can guide you with your networking goals. Download our FREE Networking Worksheet to help identify the contacts available to grow your network. Contact us today for more information on how MyB2BCoach can help you out.  



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