Consciousness and a person’s mind are fundamental to everything they do.  

This week’s 5 tips are on meditation with renowned expert, Dr. Mark Pirtle of SkillfullyAware. Mark helps people understand what their consciousness is, how to work with it, and most importantly, how to influence it so a person can serve a purpose larger than themselves.  

Meditation is something that every individual, especially business owners and entrepreneurs, can benefits from. Check out Mark’s 5 tips below and listen to the whole conversion on video!  

Mark’s 5 tips on meditation 

  1. Know what meditation is and the five aspects of beginning practice.  
  2. Meditation is never urgent, but it will always be important.  
  3. Never say, “I can’t mediate”. Instead, celebrate remembering.
  4. Meditate like a pro every day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes.
  5. Intention is everything. 

About Dr. Mark Pirtle

Mark is an Integral Therapist, teacher, speaker, author and filmmaker, as well as the founder of SkillfullyAware. He holds a doctorate in physical therapy and has been a practitioner of mindfulness and meditation for decades. With a unique holistic perspective of stress and illness, Mark can recognize patterns and connect dots that others miss. He employs healing resources selected from today’s integral knowledge base spanning the domains of science, behavioral health, wellness, meditation, leadership, and spirituality.  

Mark is also a creator and publisher of various mindfulness and meditation resources including a full-length documentary film titled: “Is Your Story Making You Sick?”.  

Learn more about Dr. Mark Pirtle here:  

About SkillfullyAware

SkillyfullyAware is an evidence-based program designed to help individuals successfully cope with stress and illness and work toward more health and happiness. Dr. Mark Pirtle has applied 25 years of clinical study and practice to develop this evidence-based and easy to follow program which has helped thousands of people suffering from stress-related conditions.  

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