Expert marketer and iDea guy, Joseph Frost provides entrepreneurs and business owners these 5 tips that are core to any marketing strategy.

Here’s a quick summary of Joseph’s 5 tips. Be sure to listen to the full video for more indepth details on each of the following:

  • Marketing doesn’t change. There are six components to marketing that are fundamental and industry agnostic. Know these.  
  • Understand your buyer and their journey to becoming your customer.  
  • Know the two things that are most important about what you do for your target audience, and center your positioning around this.  
  • Marketing’s purpose is to drive sales. Do not have marketing that is creative for creative sake or branding for branding sake. Marketing needs to drive sales. 
  • Have a cadence for planning and accountability that’s centered around a weekly 30 minute marketing check-in. 

About Joseph

Joseph Frost is the cofounder of yorCMO and  is a self-proclaimed iDea guy and action hero, focused on building the perfect practice for CMOs to deliver unbiased marketing expertise to all yorCMO clients. 

About yorCMO

yorCMO helps businesses seeking assurance that their marketing is working for them, that it drives sales and that it works to meet strategic objectives. yorCMO accomplishes this for businesses by providing a fractional CMO that coaches and helps build a marekting strategy and then executes against it over an 18 to 24month period.


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