LinkedIn is a powerful tool. MYB2BCOACH’s Founder and Executive Coach, John Lund has some advice and tips that you should consider the next time you log in to LinkedIn.

Every week, John tries to add 3 – 5 new, quality LinkedIn connections. If you think that sounds time consuming, then think again! According to John, it doesn’t take any time at all. He suggests that as you scroll through LinkedIn, check to see who other people are connected to or find interesting articles that make sense for you to follow. This doesn’t have to be just customers; it could be potential clients, industry leaders, or blog writers. It’s just important that you are connected with them, because the next time you leave a voicemail, chances are they will be looking you up on LinkedIn and you’ll want to have an impressive profile with mutual connections and similar interests.

Here are John’s 3 simple tips to 321Link:

1. Be consistent with your name.

Make sure you’re spelling your name the same way on LinkedIn as you do on your business cards and email. That way people can easily find you. 

2. Dig deep into people’s LinkedIn.

Most people only look at the last job or two a person had. Look further down! Look to see if they went to a school you attended or check if they are members of any associations that you should be following. If they ever worked at a company you used to work for or if you know someone who works at that company, reach out to them and say, “Hey, I see 7 years ago you worked for XYZ Company. I actually have a friend who worked at XYZ Company at the same time. I wonder if you know (friend’s name.)” These types of connections matter. They break down the first level of barrier to make the call back or leave the second voicemail.

3. Link into 3 to 5 new connections a week.

You could have over 100 new, quality connections at the end of the year and be seen as the expert in your field. You’ll be linked into all the valuable players.


LinkedIn is a very important tool to have credibility in the industry. Follow John’s simple advice and tips to 321Link today!




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