Choose your words wisely

Think back to when you were growing up and your mother told you to choose your words wisely.

It would be assumed that sentiment went in one ear and out the other. As you got older, however, more than likely you paid attention and heeded the advice in certain aspects of your life; with your friends, teachers, boyfriends/girlfriends, family members, etc.

Packing a punch

Words, do in fact, have a powerful punch. Take a moment to think back and remember an incident when someone used certain words that had, good or bad, an impact. Now, think how that scenario could have turned out if they chose different words. How would you have responded? Would the outcome change? If so, would it change for better or worse?

Moving into your professional world, think how words impact your day to day, your transactions, your sales, your goals and your future. Particularly in the world of sales, one wrong word can stop your deal dead in its tracks. In a recent article, Forbes rates the following as the WORST words to use in sales:

1. We – Who is “we”?

2. Think – Your clients pay you to KNOW, not to think

3. If – It’s not if, it is when…

4. Um – it is just filler

5. Probably – translates to you do not know

6. Small – size doesn’t matter as long as you can do the work

7. Only – can devalue…

Words matter

Clearly words play a role in every area of your life. While choosing the correct words to land your next deal, you don’t want to overthink and second guess yourself. Speak with confidence. Speak with authority. You and your words WILL land that deal.

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